Normally we supply tanks and pressure vessels based on the client's descriptions, sketches or technical drawings.
As we strive to find a fair and realistic price, it is important that we receive as many details as possible,
already at the bidding phase.
As soon as the order is finalized, we create technical drawings and stress calculations required in the approval process.
After receiving the client's approval, all necessary documentation is sent to the appropriate authority
for verification and certification.


Machinery at our facility:
Roller 3000 x 20 mm
Roller 2000 x 10 mm
Flange machine 3000 x 12 mm
Shear 2400 x 16 mm
Edge press 110 tons (3100 mm)
Flat press 150 tons
ESAB cutting machine Ilt & gas samt plasma
Welding crane Pulver proces 121
Welding machines Elektrode, MIG, MAG og TIG
CNC Center 1500 x 750 mm









We produce our own ends/bottom parts in thicknesses
from 3 – 12mm in the following dimensions:

Tank ends:           ø600 – 2300 thickness 3 - 12 mm
Torispherical ends ø600 – 2200 thickness 3 – 12 mm
Ellipsoidal ends:    ø750 – 1800 thickness 3 – 12 mm








In the event that a project requires a size that is beyond our current capacity, we outsource with several
accredited partners that live fully up to the quality and documentation standards required in this field.


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