A sample of manufacturing at Sdr. Højrup Beholderfabrik:


Starting air vessels for maritime industry (33 bar pressure)

Welding of the nozzle plate in a filter tank

50 m3 Accumulation tank


Vessel for recycling process in the oil industry


Reservoir for lubricating oil


Custom pressure vessel for off-shore


Fire fighting vessels for a maritime industry


Tanks/pressure vessels for maritime industry


Steam generator for maritime industry in acid resistant and stainless steel


Filtration tanks for a water utility


Filtration tank for water utility


Compressed air tank for maritime industry


Insulated processing tank for the chemical industry


Misc. tanks for maritime industry


Starting air vessel awaiting installation


50m3 accumulations tank for the solar heating industry


Installation of accumulation reservoirs


Manufacturing of pressure vessels for the oil industry
(used in the reclamation of gasoline vapors)


Specialized tank for the oil industry


Transportation of the finished vessels



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